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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Obama Praises OKC Mosque After Beheading Victim's Funeral

"Prove you're not racist!  Vote for me!"
Just to give you an idea of where Obama's loyalties lie, your Muslim president decided to praise the service of the very mosque that hosted killer and decapitator, Alton Nolen.  President Hussein praised the mosque Nolen attended one day after the funeral of Nolen's victim, Colleen Hufford.

I wouldn't be surprised if our Muslim president doesn't give the man a full pardon before the end of his term.

The Muslims here in Oklahoma seem to be getting a rather nasty string of discontented insults.  This is probably due to the fact that the cult they pledge their lives to has a legacy of mercilessness.

Slaughtering and harassing non-Muslims has been the general characteristic of Muslims throughout the centuries.*

Honestly, the writing is on the wall about Islam.  The nature of Mohammed's cult is obvious, and it takes real effort to block out the reality of Islam's fruits.  Left-wing people either tend to be masters of self-deception, or they are utterly, completely, and hopelessly blind.  If Obama's praise for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City seems insulting to Christians, it is probably meant to be.

The unspoken marriage between liberalism and Islam continues.

"Islam has been at a continuous war against non-Muslims for almost 1400 years (since Muhammad.)"

*Really, check out that starred link.

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