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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Evil Manifesting in Oklahoma

What an irony, how shortly after a publicly allowed Satanic black mass was allowed in my cursed state of Oklahoma, we get some convert to Islam beheading a lady he tried to convert at his job.

O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end. - 9:73

Whether unarmed or well-equipped, march on and fight for the cause of Allah, with your wealth and your persons. - 9:41

It's always noticed among faithful Catholics how there's a sort of unspoken marriage between atheism and Islam.  Does it not make sense that we see an Islamic atrocity pop up around here after the Enemy of Creation was only days earlier publicly cherished and celebrated?  Need we start talking about the ties that bond Masonry with the evil religion of Mohammed?  Bah.  We won't go there unless it's necessary.  I highly doubt that most readers will know any of the history, let alone listen to the proofs of it.  

Alton Nolen, aka Jah'keem Yisrael got fired after arguing for Islam at his job.  He returned to work and cut the head off of 54-year old Coleen Hufford.  After that, he stabbed a 43-year old woman multiple times until he was finally shot, but unfortunately, not killed.

But oh!  Wait!  This man was an isolated incident!  Surely, he was acting on his own, and he had no friends in the actual Moslem community of his locale right?  Right?


Muslims are harsh against the unbelievers, merciful to one another. - 48:25

Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate. - 66:9

The Islamic Council of Oklahoma may try to denounce him and state that they don't know him, but the man's own Facebook account clearly shows him chillin' with the brothers over at the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City.

But, oh, wait.  Surely that means nothing.  Surely the Muslims over in Oklahoma City, home to Oklahoma's first public worship of the Devil, had no idea that young Alton Nolen was a "radical Islamic," right?  Right?  Surely the Islamist people of the area denounce this kind of atrocity.  Right?  Right?


Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. - Sura 2:98

Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. - 2:191

Above, we can see the followers of "the religion of peace" reading the Koran and chanting "praise Allah!" at the news conference* at the site of the beheading.

This kind of robust offense deserves a robust reaction.  So, what shall our fine upstanding Oklahoma Christians do about this?  And what will the local Catholics do?  Shall we stand aside as more crimes like this occur, and offer reparations?  Seems to be the playbook so far.

And what will the faithless citizens of Oklahoma do in the face of this crime and these insults?  Well, since multiculturalism and pluralism are the religion of America, people who still have their heads will bury them in the sand.

Because it's easy to be silent.

Of course, silence is complicity.  But who cares?  As long as everyone stays politically correct!  Because political correctness is the sacrament of America's religion.

Continued silence in the face of all of this evil will continue to allow atrocities like this week's beheading. One more time: your silence is complicity.  The evil in this world smells the weak.

It was purported that in this picture, we are seeing a Muslim kicking a Christian baby to death.**

Muhammad is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. Through them, Allah seeks to enrage the unbelievers. - 48:29

The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of all creatures. - 98:51

*UPDATE: Snopes states that "there were no Muslims present who were shouting "Praise Allah!" or reading from the Quran. Moore Police Department Public Affairs Officer Jeremy Lewis was asked if there was a group of Muslims protesting the scene, and he stated, 'No, there was not.'"  However, it was not Jeremy Lewis who reported the "Praise Allah!" shouts and Koran readings, but a man named Bob Lawson, not Jeremy Lewis, who was Tweeting from the scene of the interview.  Is it not inconceivable that Lewis would deny such a report in order to keep the peace--especially considering that he's a Public Affairs officer?  Bob Lawson, it seems, is a local resident in the area of the crime.

** UPDATE: Shirl in Oz, a commenter, recently directed me to a Snopes post that directs readers to the true origins of this photograph.  Apparently, these three photos are of a crazy faith healer in India (I believe) named Pir Amjad, who is a zany faith healer.  This is why, dear friends, Ol' Laramie used the word "purported" in the caption.  Many thanks to Shirl in Oz for pointing this one out, and I'll keep it up to demonstrate the ease with which people can be deceived.  This picture I found was actually off of Facebook, and it was said it was a Muslim kicking a Christian baby.  Now, we know that it is not.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ann Barnhart thinks the SSPX is outside of the Church

This article is from July of 2012.  I cannot find it on Ann Barnhardt's webpage any longer, but I came across a copy via friendly sources.

I will re-post it here, so that it is not lost.  But bascially, her take on the SSPX is the same as my take on sedevacantism.

I do not so readily swing the hammer at the SSPX.  They've kept the Faith alive.  If not for them, we would not have had the Tridentine Latin Mass so readily available to us today.  The SSPX does have it's issues among its leaders and members; however, it is a little more complicated than just saying--they're all schismatic lunatics!  For one thing, they acknowledge His Holiness as the pope, as well as the hierarchical structure of the Church.

In any event, here it is on record once more.  Ann Barnhardt...

On the SSPX 
I get lots of questions, and hate mail, about this, and in the spirit of getting things wrapped-up and saying everything I have on my little list to say while I can, here's my screed on the SSPX.
The Society of Saint Pius the Tenth (SSPX) is a group of traditionalist Catholics who broke away from Rome in 1970 after Vatican II when they were told by evil Marxist infiltrators inside the Church that they were forbidden from saying the Tridentine Latin Mass. They were led by an Archbishop named Marcel Lefebvre, hence the term "Lefebvrists" sometimes used to describe those in the SSPX.
The legalisms are EXTREMELY confusing, but as I understand it, Vatican II never actually forbade the saying of the Tridentine Mass. That was all a lie by the Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators. But, instead of hanging around and fighting the good fight, the SSPX took off on its own.
There have been steps toward reconciliation over the last 40 years, and as I understand it, SSPX Masses are indeed valid, but they are still not in full communion with the Church.
I totally sympathize with them - I can't imagine the fury and heartbreak that so many felt in 1970 as the Mass was literally eviscerated before their eyes and turned into a Protestant off-Broadway performance vehicle for homosexual priests and nuns, specifically designed to degrade the Church from the inside-out and ultimately destroy it by turning it into a neo-pagan Marxist-homosexualist cult. 
But apparently ol' Annibale Bugnini and his masonic cohorts didn't take Christ Almighty seriously: 
"Thou art Peter (Cephah) and upon this rock (cephah) I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." 
You ain't gonna win, boys. And that goes for the uber-right contingent every bit as much as the Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and Peter is the Rock upon which Christ built, and builds, His Church.
It does not get any clearer than that. Any argument or confusion on this point is a direct result of satanic-inspired heresy aimed at destroying the Church by tearing it into utter chaos (40,000 protestant sects in the U.S. alone, all gleefully ratifying mortal sin, and counting!), ripping people away from the Eucharist, and ultimately resulting in people being lost eternally to hell. Period. You don't agree? You don't like that? You want to be your own pope? You want to "vote" on what the Truth is? Wow. I SOOOOOO don't care what you "want", "like", "feel" or "believe." I care about what the Truth is, and scripture makes it crystal, crystal clear on this point for anyone who isn't blinded by their own pride. 
So, think of the SSPX as Protestants, but on the other side of the spectrum.
Today, the head of the SSPX is a bishop named Bernard Fellay, and he is working very hard to try to get the SSPX fully reconciled to Rome and thus 100% back inside the Barque of Peter. Everything I have read and listened to from Fellay seems extremely sensible, faithful and sincere. He fully comprehends that he is a shepherd and that he needs to get his flock back into the Church, and he is trying very hard to get that done before the manure hits the spinning airfoils.
The other three SSPX bishops? Not so much. The nutty wing of the SSPX is led by a bishop named Williamson. Williamson is nuts. Just stone-cold bonkers. He is a vicious anti-Semite (and there is a considerable problem with this inside the SSPX), holocaust denier, and naturally flowing from that evil and insanity, Williamson is a 9/11 truther. Like I said, the dude is nuts. Once you know that information, you know everything you need to know about Williamson and his wing.
Now you might think that all the traddy Catholics *lurv* me and that I have bunches and bunches of "friends." Oh, you'd be dead wrong. Most of the traddy Catholics hate me too, because people like me just can't win for losing. They send me lovely emails telling me how much they hate me on a fairly regular basis. They also send me Williamson propaganda. So, I have a pretty solid dossier of evidence on this point.
Would you like to hear what they tell me? Sure you would. 
A. If you are 35 and unmarried, you must be a lesbian. We hate you. 
(And all this time I thought it was a combination of my shrewish personality, dull wit and acrid body odor. Huh.) 
B. You're a convert. We hate converts. We hate you. 
(The Blessed Virgin Mary, the first Convert to Christianity, was unavailable for comment. Her press secretary simply referred all inquiries on this topic to the First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation. Oh, and the Great Commission of her Son.)
C. You speak to Jews. We hate you. 
(If your stupid asses don't even understand Catholicism, how do you expect the Jews today to understand it, much less convert to it? Maybe if you learned your faith, understood how every aspect of the Church and the Mass is a perfected fulfillment of Judaism, and could then EXPLAIN that to people, you might actually win some converts. Oh, but I forgot. You hate converts.) 
D. You're ugly. Your hair is ugly. You have horse teeth and bug eyes. We hate you. 
(Are you sure THAT isn't the reason I'm not married? Because I'm so freakishly physically repellant? Just sayin'.) 
And, finally, my personal favorite: 
E. You prophesy before men UNVEILED. We hate you. 
(Okay, I can't win here. If I say to myself, "Ahem, I am going to PROPHESY now," and put on a veil to make a video or give a talk, then I'm a delusional, megalomaniacal nutcase. If I don't, some kooky dude sends me emails telling me that I'm going to hell for my failure to accessorize. Dude, throw me a bone. Seriously.) 
That's all good for a chuckle, but let me explain with an analogy what these people's error is, and it isn't just them. It is the error of any schismatic. 
Let's say your wife was diagnosed with cancer. Would you suddenly hate your wife? 
Would you argue that you didn't marry a body riddled with cancer, and therefore she was no longer the person you married, and then leave her in a smug huff? 
Would you hate your wife's body, and thus hate your wife? No. You would love your wife and her body, perhaps even more than before, when you saw her under attack from the cancer. You would want to fight the cancer - chemotherapy, radiation, surgery - anything to get rid of the cancer and bring your wife back to full health and vigor. 
This is exactly the situation in the Church today. The Church has cancer. Bad. Fully metastasized, all over-type cancer. It is called Marxist-homosexualism, and the cancer was first observed and diagnosed 45 years ago. Sadly, instead of clinging to the Bride of Christ and fighting the cancer, some people abandoned Her, claiming that the cancer WAS her body, instead of just an invading infection. Others left out of indifference. Others stayed and embraced the cancer as a "good thing" and "progress". A tiny, tiny contingent stayed, held Her hand, and have lovingly administered as much medicinal therapy to her as they possibly could. 
The Williamson wing of the SSPX hates the Bride of Christ and will never rejoin her no matter what, because they are too prideful and dim to make the distinction between the Body and the cancer. They want a new wife, one of their own making, and "cancer free." And that is what they will get, but they will quickly find out that their new bride isn't really a bride at all, but just another cheap whore. A true and loving Bride with a bad case of cancer beats a whore in her prime. 
So, Fellay needs to get back into the Church ASAP, and let the chips fall where they may with the SSPXers. Even if it is just Fellay and one other person coming back into the Church, it will be worth it for that ONE person, and Fellay will have done his job as a shepherd. Our Lord made clear that men will be sifted. People will have to choose. Wheat or chaff? Sheep or goats? This is one of those "siftings." 
Get back in the Barque of Peter, Bishop Fellay and all SSPXers of good will, of which there are many. Because the gates of hell and its cancer WILL NOT PREVAIL. There is going to be a miraculous cure, and your Bride wants you there to share in the joy of the healing, which is explicitly guaranteed by Our Lord Himself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Prophecy: Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres spoke about the 20th Century

Here is something that the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ told to a nun in the 1600s, Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.  The prophecies she spoke about apply to our times, beginning with the 20th Century.
Moreover, in these unhappy times, there will be unbridled luxury which, acting thus to snare the rest into sin, will conquer innumerable frivolous souls who will be lost. Innocence will almost no longer be found in children, nor modesty in women. In this supreme moment of need of the Church, those who should speak will fall silent.

Get your children out of public schools.  Abhor materialism.  Life is important, not a frivolous "fun" affair.  And most of all, defend our Lord to all you come across.  Silence is complicity with evil.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Faith Apology Leads to Banishment

Perhaps after this latest banning, the moderators of Suscipe Domine and I will be able to move on, and our relationship might return to normal.

In any case, the latest news in Laramie Hirsch Land is that I've been banned once again, this time for three days.  In attempting to return to the forum today, I found the message: "Sorry LaramieHirsch, you are banned from using this forum!  3 day ban for posting with an agenda, not posting in good faith, instigating the forum."

"Got him again!"

Things seem to work in a pattern there, I think.

Last time, during "Witchhunt Wednesday" (an August 20th post on SD where I recommended a different kind of perspective for a new SD policy) I was first told that I was not invited to that thread to contribute to the conversation, and tmw89 decided to find fault in the words I chose to use--though he clarified to me at the same time that he was actually talking over my head and not addressing me directly at all.

My fault?  I was calling Father Cekada names.

I thought it was a trivial matter, since I've seen many members of SD call other clergy names before, including even the Pope.  But, in their eagerness to find fault in whatever I say, they hounded the hell out of me until the thread was finally locked by page six, but not before Sbyvl36 boasted that witch hunting is fun and recommended I get banned.

In any event, being the mature and concerned man that I am, I've looked into the matter deeply.  I even told the moderators that this accusation concerned me, and that I would look into it.

1. The Catechism of St. Pius X states that "It is a very grave sin, because the scorn and insults cast on Priests fall upon Jesus Christ Himself, who said to His Apostles: He who despises you, despises Me."

2. Furthermore, a few priests I consulted about the matter told me I was wrong, and that Fr. Cekada should not be insulted in such a way, because he holds the sacred title of a priest.

3. I recalled being taught before I became Catholic that once a man is made a priest, he is a priest forever.  Even when the priest dies, he remains a priest in the next life.  That man will be a priest forever in Heaven, or he will be a priest forever in Hell.  Yet, he will always be a priest.  This is much more binding than if you are married, since vows are dissolved when death separates spouses.

After a few weeks, I've decided to apologize today on Suscipe Domine.  I'll do it again here:

I apologize to Father Cekada for calling him names and disrespecting him as I have.  I was wrong, and I regret what I said.

But since I am not boring, since I am an occasional conversationalist, and since I wanted to call to mind some interesting facts about priests,  I decided to remind the SD community that even though Martin Luther and Arius are heretics, these men are also--still to this day--priests.  And chances were good that I insulted them in the same manner at some point in the last decade.  So I made a public apology for that as well, just in case.  I even apologized if I slandered Judas in such a way--because even he was a priest before he betrayed Christ.  Judas is still a priest, wherever he may be in the next life.

With maturity and foresight, and in complete cooperation with the moderators of Suscipe Domine, I informed two moderators and the owner that it might be prudent to lock the thread shortly after my apology.  Why?  Because "Jayne and the Henpecking Witchunt Gang" like to find fault in every single thing I say these days, and past experience has proven that.

I told two moderators that due to past experience, a pile-on was likely to occur after I made my apology to Father Cekada.


No matter how good and cooperative with the moderation stafff I try to be, the thread was allowed to continue for 5 pages until it was locked, SD members were told that moderators had jobs and didn't have time to get to the matter, and I was told I had an entitlement attitude when I asked for the thread to be locked.  Then I was banned.

I made a conscious decision not to be silent during the find-a-fault parade.  Instead, I countered the other posters' accusations of my sincerity.  Too often in today's day and age, silence implies acquiescence.  And I was not wrong to apologize, nor to call to mind the office of other priests I disagree with.

In fact, much of the reasoning for my banning is based on an accusation of my intentions.  "Posting with an agenda, not posting in good faith, instigating the forum?"  I suppose they can read minds?  How fickle.  Does no one possess any reading comprehension?

Just because I apologized to Father Cekada does not mean I will agree with him.  Just because I was able to exchange a few cordial words with him in private messages does not mean I will think any more lightly upon his stance with our current Holy Father.

Let's revisit what Laramie Hirsch thinks of the sedevacantist position:

I say:

[The Church] is bloodied.  She is suffering.  People mock Her and ask for Her suffering and death.  The faithless jeer and ridicule the Church.  People do not recognize the Church as God's Institution on Earth.  And so, we have a large set of people who are missing the point entirely.  
Christ wanted His followers near Him in those horrible final hours.  Yet, they were not there with Him.

I say that sedevacantism is a schism.  I say that this is a new dividing technique that Satan is using.  I state that 1. sedevacantists will grow in their hatred for the True Church as the decades roll by, and that the very mention of the "conciliar Church" will produce instantaneous scoffing, 2. the sedes will never be satisfied, 3. that the sedevacantism movement will grow (as does faithlessness and atheism).

I further state that Augustine warns of people sever themselves from the Church.  The sedes share the same schismatic spirit of the Donatists.  Furthermore, separation from the Church becomes a sort of sacrament unto itself.  I further consider sedevacantists to lack the ability to critically think about things and accept that we live in a troubled time when we are punished with bad leaders and that we have a yoke put upon us by God Himself as collective punishment.  The easy and emotional thing to do is to just say "Oh, none of this is real!  My fringe group has it right!  I don't need that crazy pope!  I'll secretly act as my own pope!  I know what's best for me!" I state that true Catholics can accept this current circumstance and try to work through it, while sedevacantists cannot.

The sedevacantist mind is one of a "self-congratulating Pharisee who enjoys being part of the 'saving remnant.'"  The sedevacantist mind leaps off of the Barque of Peter into the storm waters, and they are later fished out by their new master, the Devil.  Such a person abandons themselves to despair, allowing themselves to become scandalized.

In arguing against the sedevacantists within the Catholic community, "To silence rather than to answer one's opponents seems the order of the day."

* * *

This is what I think of the sedevacantist position.  I will continue to think this.  Just because I am apologizing to Father Cekada does not mean I retract my observations about sedevacantism.

If Laramie Hirsch's apology sounds like an apology from a guy who continues to liken sedevacantism to schism, it's probably because...my apology is from a guy who continues to liken sedevacantism to schism.  Critical reading skills, folks.  Not too hard to comprehend.  Have you even read this entire post?  I doubt it.

Oh well.  At least they have Jayne!