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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rotten Fruit Already From the Black Mass in OKC

Last week, I implored as many people as I could to please join my diocese in a nine-day novena and an abstinence from meat, as we offer up our discomfort to God and seek His intervention in halting the black mass to be held in my state's capital city, Oklahoma City.

I then posted seven consequences that would arise from having such a public and seemingly "state-approved" spectacle of hate speech.

Two consequences that would arise from this insulting act of blasphemy would be that the enemies of Christ would feel emboldened, and that we would see a rise in satanic shenanigans in our area.

These predictions have come true already, as it seems someone stole the Host from a monstrance at St. John's Catholic Church in Bartlesville.  Now, someone with ill will out there in the world will have the opportunity to desecrate the literal Body of Christ.

This wickedness will only spread in the years to come, thanks to the unwillingness of our state government to protect the dignity of its good law-abiding citizens from this evil and satanically crucial moment in Oklahoma history.

Solutions?  The Eucharist should only be passed out to people in a state of grace who kneel at an altar rail with their mouth open to receive the literal Body of Christ.   The Host should be locked safely away, and greater care should be taken in keeping the Body of Christ secure.

These solutions are obvious to most Catholics, but some people just don't seem to get it.

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