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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Consequences of Having a Black Mass In My Locale

A fellow Catholic on one of the forums I frequent told me that he considers this black mass to be a distraction to the real problems that the Church is facing.

Evil needs to be confronted.

My response was that this issue is personal and critical for me, since I live in Oklahoma.  Also, however, there are plenty of battles that are facing a Catholic in our day and age.  It is true that you have to pick your battles.  However, it is not wise to always be focusing on the big picture that you cannot hope to change on your own, all the while ignoring the battles that come up around you.

How can a man think of going out to extinguish a forest fire when the firehouse he lives in is burning down with that man still inside of it?

But this conversation with my colleague helped me to consider a few thoughts about the consequence of having a black mass said in your area.  For the moment, I've thought of seven.

Off the top of my head:
1. This puts blood in the water for more activity*. We can expect more satanic shenanigans here in the "Bible Belt."

2. This will invite bad clientele. More occultists will be drawn into this region, and these sick games may even inspire bored young people to choose an exciting life of occult opposition to Jesus Christ. 
3. The Devil has declared another landing point in his assault against humanity. Aren't you people tired of retreat?
4. Since the Lucifer statue is supposed to be put on public land, and since the black mass is to be said in a public tax-payer-funded building, then this is a very PUBLIC event. It is so public, in fact, that it's almost as if our state government is sanctioning it in a sort of a way. This is an act of blasphemy against a sizeable portion of the populace utilizing a stolen piece of property—the Host. It is almost as if the government will now allow theft of Catholic property by giving a nod to this.

5. This will invite and bring forth demons. Evil will be able to move more freely here in my locale.
6. This will embolden the enemies of Christ in this region. 
7. Most importantly, this will be a desecration of Jesus Christ's body. Some will say tongue-in-cheek, "Oh, they aren't using a real Host." I respond: How do you know? Myself, if I see someone try to abuse the Eucharist in my presence, I get physical. We should protect Christ when He is vulnerable.
Ignorance and complacency are to blame for this abuse of our state government's property.  If the citizenry of Oklahoma knew better, this kind of behavior would not be tolerated.  

Apathy and naivete are responsible for this impending abuse of Christ's body.  The Eucharist should not be passed out into the hands of the laity.

*This kind of occult activity will only continue if it is not challenged.  Adam Daniels, sex offender, and member of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, has stated: "I'm renting a small space one time a year to educate the public about my religion. This is protected by my First Amendment Right as a citizen of the United States, not a brainwashed sheep of the Catholic Empire."



  1. Please sign your prayerful protest against the "Black Mass" offense.
    Here is the link:
    God bless you for helping this petition reach 50,000, the final goal.

  2. It shows that the bible belt has not been enough faithfull as bragged.
    Now, that region of America gets what it deserves and has to pay the price.
    It's book of revelations, basically.
    No hard feelings here.

  3. You might not be entirely wrong, Anonymous. Your comment reminds me of something LeeF said in the comments section over at Fr. Z's blog:

    "OKC is in the heart of the Bible Belt, not the left coast. But perhaps that explains it partly, i.e. a convergence of anti-Catholic forces, atheists and wing-nut evangelicals united, at least in omission by the latter."

    Here's the Fr. Z blog post: