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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Legal Victory against New York Satanists in Oklahoma City

It seems that the Archbishop of Oklahoma City did decide to protect the Sacred Host via legal means. After all, the mocking anti-Catholic hate speech that is a black mass revolves around a stolen piece of Church property.

Much to Oklahoma Catholics' delight, the satanist Adam Daniels decided that he did not want to challenge the Catholic Church in a costly legal battle. Instead, Daniels said he would relinquish the Host to the archbishop's lawyer if the case was dropped. "I don’t feel like wasting thousands of dollars fighting over a cookie," Daniels said.

It gladdens my heart that Archbishop Coakley undertook this legal route to attain an official victory. Though Daniels and his minions may still attempt to hold the black mass--and perhaps even utilize a stolen Host--at the very least, he is not profaning it "officially." Perhaps it is just a small comfort.

The bigger issue is what has been lacking this entire time--that is, the state's protection against this kind of abuse. Non-Catholics will argue that freedom of speech protects men like Daniels and allows them to insult sizeable portions of the Oklahoma population in the worst way possible. Does this therefore imply that Koran burning and Holocaust denial assemblies are also allowed in the Oklahoma City Civic Center?

In fact, it seems that solid protections against this sort of insult were removed just last year, courtesy of Representative Randy Grau, who worked to remove "antiquated" blasphemy laws.

It is expected that the Catholics of Oklahoma would work to protect themselves, the Church, and the literal Body of Christ from desecration and insult.  It would have been more assuring, however, to know that state officials and OKC Civic Center management would also put forth an effort to protect us against hate speech.

But in these matters, it is clear that state officials and civic center managers are unreliable when it comes to sensibility and prudence.    


  1. Three points:

    1. Freedom of religion? The Founders simply wanted to prevent the establishment of a state religion like Anglicanism in England.
    2. Theft is theft, pure and simple, and it is still a crime (unless, of course, you wear a three-piece suit).
    3. As others have pointed out, prejudice against the Catholic Church is the last acceptable prejudice in this country.

  2. While this issue may seem resolved by the "return" of the consecrated host, I am not so sure I believe it. How can anyone be sure that this is the only consecrated host taken for this purpose? How can anyone be sure this returned host is even consecrated. With the stupid and dangerous practice of communion in the hand, it is incredibly easy to take all one wants. I have seen people carry the host all the way back to the pew before putting it in their mouths. One was found inside a hymnal, others on the floor of the pew. Priests do not even seem to notice who is ingesting them--there is such a dangerous disregard by people and priests for this holiest sacrament! These people may likely have many more or could easily get another. This return of the host could be just a ploy. They need to go after the civil leaders who act without a backbone and hold them responsible for allowing such a stupid blasphemous act in the name of freedom of religion. Satanism is not a religion--it is hell!