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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sedevacantism: Jumping the Cliff into the Universal Church of Despair

As sedevacantism becomes ever-more popular among people who trust misguided thinking far more than the promises of Christ, it becomes clear that they become more emboldened.  And with this newly acquired zeal, the cloak of good conduct is discarded, revealing nasty rebels against the Faith.  Of course, this was predicted just last year with confidence right here on this blog.

Fortunately, more of the faithful are recognizing this metastasizing disease of faithlessness.  And so, we have here today this audio/video of a good priest speaking out against the evils of Sedevacantism.



  1. I do Not support ISIS.....I do NOT support PROPAGANDA!
    IS arab mujahideen marrying a 7 year old is FAKE, no such thing happened
    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)
    There has been so much propaganda against
    IS like genital mutilation, expelling christians, burning churches and
    ect.(all proven false, look at my first post).
    Recently more propaganda has been spread about IS(Islamic State)
    mujahideen marrying a 7 year old, this is faker than santa clause.
    Haters of islam and IS cant defeat IS or islam, so they spread
    propaganda, but little do they know that lies dont get them very far.
    There is a saying "lies have short legs, sooner or later you will catch
    The truth of the video is that a quran recitation competition for kids
    was held, and the little girl got stage fright and forgot the words, so
    the IS mujahideen tried to comfort the little girl by helping her
    remember the words.

    1. Howdy Mimi. While my opposition to ISIS and Islam as a whole is not the subject of this blog post (which is about sedevacantism), I credit you with one thing: I HAVE heard that the video with the little girl is some sort of activity, and not a marriage or what have you.

      Tell me, though. Can you account for each of the pictures with beheaded children on the proper post on this blog?