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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The decline of whites in America

I found an interesting article that discussed the fact that whites will soon comprise less than 50% of people in America.

I linked to the article over at SD and posted a comment that can already be viewed over at the article's comment section.  I figured it'd be best to include my two cents, rather than just try to make a brand new thread and only post a hyperlink or something.

Strangely enough, the thread was quietly erased from existence on the SD forum.  I figured my comment was rather insightful to the current predicament that whites are facing.  I suppose others did not agree.

So here is Paul Bedard's article:

Pew: White majority over, next generation more than 50% non-white

And my thoughts on it:

Hmm. Whites becoming less than 50% of the population here in America. Well, let me think. Tell you what. Let's have the remaining whites continue to contracept and abort their way out of existence. We will continue to degrade white men as fools and bafoons in major media, shows, and movies. Plus, we'll encourage these men to become effeminate or even gay. And meanwhile, we'll keep encouraging the white women to get into the job market and become human resource employees or managers, and we'll encourage the "party girl" mindset in our little Caucasian Disney princesses, and hopefully they'll abandon their husbands or just never marry and sleep around until they're ugly. We can label the remnants of Christianity as bigots and practitioners of hate speech, thus chipping away at their values even more and replacing their religion with political correctness. Then, we can just let the remaining generation of Caucasians play with their electronic baubles. Soon, we can have all these leftover white folks in such small numbers, that they will be vulnerable to violent criminal activity from the rest of the vibrant community, as is seen in South Africa. That should take care of it, I suppose. Because whites are evil, and we know this because they are always the criminals in movies.

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