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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sedevacantism 7: Those Who Panic

If one is on a stormy ship at sea, the most cowardly thing I can think of doing is jumping off of the ship into the ocean.  Declaring that the pope is not your pope is the most Lutheran thing I can think to do in this troubling period, and such fear is a strong mark of cowardice.  This type of anxiety should be condemned more heartily and zealously, for Satan himself uses these kinds of craven pessimists to gnaw at the Church on merely one of many fronts from within.  People who fall for schismatic ideas such as sedevacantism are, as John Zmirak says, "self-congratulating Pharisees who enjoyed being part of the 'saving remnant.'"

Heaven forbid Catholic Traditionalists remain loyal to the Church, come together, and combat modernism within the Church in a legitimate fashion, as Michael Matt of the Remnant recommends.

The Catholic thing to do is to simply retain your peace.  As a Catholic, do you not welcome the dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit into your life?  Maintain this peace with frequent use of the sacraments, and pray the Holy Rosary.

I found a great sermon by an anonymous FSSP priest.  He does a fantastic job of explaining how, in the midst of a seemingly questionable papacy, one should not lose their nerve and panic.

"We need to keep in mind it is a salvation issue.  In order to preserve our union with Christ, we have to preserve our union with our holy father, the pope, we have to preserve our union with the local bishop, we have to preserve our union with our priest.  The hierarchy is a divine origin.  And that union is not based on how we feel about it, we have to have that union on Christ's terms, not our terms.  It might be crazy up in the wheelhouse, but all we have to do is hang on."

As this fantastic priest says, people (such as sedes) who leap off of the Barque of Peter into the storm waters are later fished out...by their new master, the Devil.  And again, as this priest says, these despairing schizmatic people who take scandal and allow themselves to become scandalized are committing spiritual suicide.  

"We might abandon [Christ] by allowing ourselves to get too discouraged and falling into despair, by allowing ourselves to become scandalized,  by jumping overboard and drowing in this terrible storm in these waves of apostasy, of heresy, of schism, scandal, and sedevacantism.

"Stay calm.  Keep your inner peace.  Stay close to our Lady.  Don't let yourself be scandalized.  Remember the pope does not have the power to change anything essential to salvation.  He can make things pretty rough, but it won't be impossible.  Stay on board."

May God perpetuate and enlarge the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, and may wise and prudent priests such as this continue to grow in number and boldness in this time of chaos and noise.

We need prudent leaders in these very confusing times.

This image comes from the Masonic Times Blogspot newsletter

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