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Monday, December 9, 2013

Reviewing new talent: Hearing, Jackson, Mikkelson

The nice man at Cathinfo who loves my posts here on this wonderful blog has reminded me that I must once again update it.

Unfortunately, as I tell him and my other wonderful friends on that forum, I'm short on time these days.

Rather than address the cult of Sedevacantism for the umpteenth time (since a discussion about it will never end, ever)--rather than do that, I will prepare to review and preview a few works from some authors I know and am aware of.

Self-published books are really an up-and-coming phenomenon here at the beginning of this century.  I have no idea where they'll go from here, but at this moment in history, we are seeing a lot of talent break through to readership.  Formerly, big Jewish-based publishing companies acted as prudish gatekeepers for what was worthy of being printed and what was not worthy.  But now talented overlooked writers are breaking through.  And I've been enjoying what I've found so far.

Several works come to mind, and I want to discuss them soon, if possible.

- Out of Goshen: A Rodeo Novel by Michael Hearing
- Reawakening Saga by D.W. Jackson
- Over the Edge also by Michael Hearing
- Bovodar and the Bears by Jack Mikkelson

A few other authors and works previously came to mind, but I cannot recall them now.  I'll update this post as necessary.

If one thing comes to mind in regards to all these works, it is that they would be considered politically incorrect in a traditional publishing market.  But more on this later.

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