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Monday, December 16, 2013

Sedevacantism 6: Feminism and how Sedevacantism can be compared with it

Feminism is when women reject being women.  They despise their roles.  They despise being gentle, soft, and everything that a man is not.

Feminists reject the curse of Eve.  When God cursed Eve for tempting Adam in the Garden of Eden, the Almighty told her:

"I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee."

Feminists hate this curse.

-  They hate conception completely, and so they discourage conceiving children to the point of killing babies
-  They hate every type of submissiveness to men, to the point that they will even become dykish lesbians.  Such women would never tolerate having men dominate them.

This is the state of things.  In fact, many of the social problems in our society are due to the fact that people are rejecting these curses that God has burdened us with since the beginning.

But the most womanly thing to do is to accept the yoke of Eve's curse, and make the best of it.

For men, the most masculine thing to do is to accept Adam's curse and  work hard in spite of the fact that the "ground is cursed" and that we must toil to earn our living.  For women, the most feminine thing to do is to accept the burdens of conception and to submit to their husbands.

You accept the yoke that God has put on you.  Put your nose to the grindstone, and do your best.  That is what a good person does.

- - - -

Sedevacantism is schismatic.

The pope we currently have reigning over us is Pope Francis.  He is a very modernist-friendly pope.  He came into his own in an Argentinian enclave of Freemasonic Marxist Jesuits.  His reign has brought forth many scandalous statements that loyalists of Satan will remind us of until the end of time.  His direct punishment of the Franciscans Immaculate (who are "guilty" of the crime of being good old-fashioned Catholics) is horrific, unjustifiable, and tragic.

Ann Barnhardt says that Pope Francis is a punishment on the people of our time.  He is a punishment to our laity and everyone living on Earth in the Church right now.  I agree with her.

God punishes a people by delivering them terrible leaders.  And if you want to know the state of people's souls in the Church, just look to her leaders.

The West is populated with NPR Catholics who contracept and accept homosexuality.  That is not all, of course.  The point is, most Catholics are blind to what is truly right and wrong.  They were poorly trained.  And they do not want to be properly trained.

The West has become a selfish, obese, perverted monstrosity.

Pope Francis is a perfect leader for our time.  He reflects the laity perfectly.  I can't wait to see what he does next.  Every week is some sort of new horror.  Some new scandalous statement.  Some new horrible appointment or document or interview.  It's great.  It's what people deserve.

I'm fresh out of pity for people.  You want this, West?  You got it.  Drink it in.  "Embrace the suck," as Senator Nancy Pelosi said last Thursday.

This is our curse.  We are to live with this.

As good Catholics, we should do our utmost to live proper lives in accordance with Catholic teachings.  We should remove ALL DISORDERS from our lives to the best of our abilities.  We should not fornicate, have perverse unnatural thoughts, contracept, or abort.  We should go to confession EVERY WEEK.  At every Mass I see the entire congregation get up from their pews and run up to take the Body of Christ into their mouths.  Are all of these people worthy?  Do they just have boring lives, and there's no near-occassion of sin for these people?  Impossible.

Furthermore, we should be telling our friends and co-workers about how great the Catholic Church is.  We should be promoting it outwardly often.  This Christmas, we should have nativity scenes on our front lawns.  We should have advent wreaths on our tables.  We should be waiting to put up our Christmas trees until Christmas Eve, lighting the tree after the Christmas Mass, and opening presents on the Epiphany.  And when our family looks at us funny, we should look right back at them and tell them how wonderful it is to be a Catholic.

When a Catholic is being cornered on Facebook for his or her beliefs, other Catholics should be rushing in to back them up.  If someone is in a coffee shop, and they hear someone getting chewed out for trusting Jesus Christ, the Catholic should rush to the Christian's defense and help back them up.  We should be sticking together, no matter the inconvenience.

All this we must do, because we live in a world that is against us.  We live in a world where Francis is our pope.  Pope Francis is our curse.  And so, we must fight for every inch of the battlefield that we can, in spite of our general.

(I think it is funny how Traditional Catholics acknowledge that the Church is an army--Church Militant--while our pope likens the temporal Church as a triage tent to go to after a battle.  How weak.)

True Catholics will accept this curse that we are living with.  True Catholics will fight their utmost in this culture war to take as much ground as they can for the next generations.

Cowards will run from this curse.  Cowards will not accept the state of things.  Cowards will say to themselves: "Oh, this is so terrible.  This cannot be.  The Church surely cannot be as bad as this.  It must not be the real Church, then."  Cowards will not accept the curse of this pope, just as feminists will not accept the curse of Eve, and just as weak men will not accept the curse of Adam.

Cowards will run and hide in little enclaves where they can wear a sour face, complain about the state of the world, and simultaneously tear the Church down alongside Satanists.  Such are sedevacantists.  They are schismatic.  They are like Luther, who also couldn't stand the state of the Church in his own day, and had to run off and make a new heretical brand.  Sedevacantists are like the Eastern Orthodox, who refuse to acknowledge the Bishop of Rome as The Vicar of Christ.  "Oh, Rome has too many problems!  So we will not observe the pope's authority."

Pope Francis is your pope.  This situation, my fellow Catholics, is your curse.  Wear it.  Or be a coward and fall away with the multitude into darkness.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Reviewing new talent: Hearing, Jackson, Mikkelson

The nice man at Cathinfo who loves my posts here on this wonderful blog has reminded me that I must once again update it.

Unfortunately, as I tell him and my other wonderful friends on that forum, I'm short on time these days.

Rather than address the cult of Sedevacantism for the umpteenth time (since a discussion about it will never end, ever)--rather than do that, I will prepare to review and preview a few works from some authors I know and am aware of.

Self-published books are really an up-and-coming phenomenon here at the beginning of this century.  I have no idea where they'll go from here, but at this moment in history, we are seeing a lot of talent break through to readership.  Formerly, big Jewish-based publishing companies acted as prudish gatekeepers for what was worthy of being printed and what was not worthy.  But now talented overlooked writers are breaking through.  And I've been enjoying what I've found so far.

Several works come to mind, and I want to discuss them soon, if possible.

- Out of Goshen: A Rodeo Novel by Michael Hearing
- Reawakening Saga by D.W. Jackson
- Over the Edge also by Michael Hearing
- Bovodar and the Bears by Jack Mikkelson

A few other authors and works previously came to mind, but I cannot recall them now.  I'll update this post as necessary.

If one thing comes to mind in regards to all these works, it is that they would be considered politically incorrect in a traditional publishing market.  But more on this later.