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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sedevacantism 5: And my desire to stop talking about it

I tire of arguing with this fraction of a percentage of the "Catholic" world.  Yet, arguments are brought forth, and for whatever reason, I feel obligated to address them.

So a question arises: What could be so bad as to deem Pope Paul VI and every pope ever since to not be popes?

Sede answer: Pope Paul VI was a heretic.

New question: What made him a heretic?

Sede answer: His promulgation of Vatican II.

In the online Traditionalist community, I've tried boiling it down to specifics.  Thus far, there are two specific things that irk the schismatic sedevacantists who have broken from their obedience to the one and only Catholic Church:

-The new Catechism of the Catholic Church
-Lumen Genitum, a Vatican II document

Trouble is, neither is an infallible work.  And even Pope Paul VI stated that the Second Vatican Council was not a Council of infallible teachings :

"There are those who ask what authority, what theological qualification, the Council intended to give to its teachings, knowing that it avoided issuing solemn dogmatic definitions backed by the Church's infallible teaching authority.  The answer is known by those who remember the conciliar declaration of March 6, 1964, repeated on November 16, 1964.  In view of the pastoral nature of the Council, it avoided proclaiming in an extraordinary manner any dogmas carrying the mark of infallibility."

Pope Paul VI, January 12, 1966

I have yet to hear of a pope teaching anything ex cathedra that is contrary to what Christ taught.

1 comment:

  1. I will close my blog soon, there was no purpose for it and I don't need it for anything.

    Laramie is right that some people take the internet too seriously. Cathinfo for example, is a place where insults fly and anyone who is not SSPX is hated. The people there think they are superior to me, and they don't know me, and their wicked abuse of me is inspired by the demonic. Obviously they are not as close to God as they claim to be but instead are like the Pharisees, hypocrits.

    On another note. I emailed Michael voris' outfit, and got an email back, so I assume they are interested in covering my topic. The topic was guess what....

    Seriously guess what.

    ............Sedevacantism and
    blaming the mess of the church on Vatican 2.

    I look forward to the next few mic'd ups and vortices just incase I hear my opinion.

    Btw, Im refusing to go back on that forum again. Its just an insult match. Cecelias girl, ouch, the hatred of men, she must be a whore in real life, because she sways with the men on there without any sign that she actually has any opinion herself. Started off defending me then turned more nasty than the others and calls me mental. Its the number 1 nasty insult that someone can issue over the internet. Shows how catholic they are, not catholic at all.

    Im off that forum for good now. I am not banned but Im just not going back, And I notice that people are trying to lure me back because I was one of the most interesting people on that forum, their boredom over rules their common sense to avoid slinging shit at people who they know nothing about. They even call for you to be banned now because of me, which is typical catty info bitchieness.

    I withdraw to the web abyss,
    to reside in a state of contemplation and philosophy,
    for you see,
    the abyss is a place of learning,
    and it is just a mirror.

    Hows that for poetry.