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Monday, October 7, 2013

Highlander 2

So, I've started watching Highlander 2 on Netflix this evening.  Basically, it's a radical departure from the first movie, in which MacCloud is an old man, and he's watching the opera in an opera house that's leaking water all the time, even though it isn't raining, and he's having flashbacks that every "Highlander" is actually a space alien from an advanced desert planet far in the past in which they are sentenced to live immortally on Earth for some sort of galactic crime, and there's a gigantic red shield over the Earth, and there's....oh, nevermind.

Update:  Ugh.  20 minutes left.  This movie is so terrible.


  1. a grim silence descends upon the blog of Laramie.
    unbeknowest to him, a single pair of eyes juts out from the darkness like
    a symbol, nay, a warning,
    and yet it has no voice
    but only silence
    it has no presence
    except himself
    is Laramie in the wilderness
    or is he OF the wilderness?

    Somewhere a voice inside his head whispers "Vatican 2"
    a wind blows...
    ...and it is no longer

    more silence

    then the darkness takes on a sense of warmth

    all of a sudden - it is as light has entered the scene
    but there is still darkness

    a voice is heard speaking in his own voice

    "Hello voice? Who are you?" Laramie asks

    The darkness casts doubts on the poor man
    alone, but with a presence that seems to be coming from himself!

    The voice imposes itself on his consciousness
    He has no choice but to listen
    Moved by fear he is receptive to the voice to uncover its motives...
    The voice continues
    "Heretics Laramie! Teaching of error! Heresy! Blasphemy! Sacrilege! Child abuse! Sodomites! Apostasy! The mitre in synagogues! The mitre in mosques! The mitre in communion to protestants! The mitre in communion to heretical theologians! The books of apostasy! The mitre in the books! The mitre on the head of sin. The mitre on the head of the sickness. The downfall canonised. The loss praised..
    The loss... Of holiness.
    The church leaves her.
    Mary weeps."

    The voice departs.
    Alas says Laramie. For he will never really know what it all meant.
    He is of the wilderness, and the wilderness is in him.
    Until the voice returns and provides answers.
    The darkness remains. The chair of peter is empty. The voice is deemed a schismatic. The truth departs, perhaps for good, thinketh he...
    the darkness is now in him, and the voice is without.


  2. TCat,

    It's been a busy work week for me. There's several places to continue the sede discussion. Here, with you. But also on Cathinfo. I even have the option of continuing a discussion about it over at Suscipe Domine. But who has the time for all that?

    I'm busy these days. I intend to reply to you, and possibly over at Cathinfo, where I think someone's waiting for me to answer them. But not tonight, for sure. Just got home from work.

    Also, I sent a message to Matthew, but I got no reply. I think I will just go ahead and make the poll question you asked for. I'll do that real quick before I tend to other matters.


  3. TCat, good news! Matthew on Cathinfo told me that you're back on as a member. Ban is lifted. Here's the link where he says so: http://www.cathinfo.com/catholic.php?a=topic&t=27678#p2

    As of tonight, there were two who said "Yes" they wanted you back, one who was a "maybe", and one who was "indifferent." There were zero "No" votes. Seems everything's looking up, and you're back on!

  4. My personal thanks to you Laramie Hirsch for your intervention on my behalf.
    I am now on Cathinfo under the name "Soulguard"

    God Bless you
    In nomine Patris + et Filii + et Spiritus Sancti +


  5. Update+

    I assume I am banned from Cathinfo again.
    Self pronounced phonetically "LOL" !!
    You know, My problem there was the unwillingness on the part of the majority of the members there ( who are in fact only trolls ) to be honest in their beliefs and not have any double standard or hypocrisy. They think they can lecture me, yet they know nothing about me.

    Second reason I don't get along:
    Their arrogance comes from a perception that they believe they are special or "chosen" like a certain people I wont mention. They are mostly SSPX, and they hate anyone who is not SSPX, even though others might be just as Catholic if not more than they are ( they accept a heretic as pope for example ).

    Now I'm not judging Cathinfo members, because even though I find them arrogant self obsessed ultravain hypocrits liars and heretics without a Catholic spirit,
    I just don't care what they do, simple as.
    So anyone who wishes to rebuke me in their vanity and arrogance and tell me how they are chosen and I am goyim, they can do so on this blog, but since this blog aint run by a troll kingdom, they will get a dose of reality.

    In other news, I want to attend a TLM around Christmas time.
    I have to travel a long distance, but I might either go to the indult or might chance my arm and drop in at the SSPX chapel instead. Not sure of what to do, and with relatives to visit coming up to Xmas, I will take advantage of being in the zone and might stay overnight so I can go to a TLM.

    It just calls to me man..

    From t3h web abyss


  6. jamestheinquisitor.blogspot.ie/

    Might you come to my blog, thou soul, for a laugh.
    I had to have a blog because everyone else has one.
    but it will only last but a short time,
    like a candle in the wind,
    lit by a blowtorch,
    on top of a volcano,
    affected by radiation from a nuke,
    after a meteor has hit,
    but along with nuclear wind
    and a tornado,
    and it is snowing at the same time..
    and this is in the desert.
    probably iran.


  7. TCat, in fairness, I must say that you seemed very emotional in your brief return to Cathinfo.

    But hey. I've been dealing with a wall of critics ever since you inspired me to take a solid position about sedevacantism.

    Whatever, and no matter! Cabbages and Kings, and other sundry things. Don't get bent out of shape over what people on the internet--who you'll never meet--think of you.

    I'll check in on your blog from time to time. Use it as I use mine: like a sort of notepad. Or even think of it as a backyard patio you return to in order to gather your thoughts or some such thing. Only, unlike a journal, it's rather public, and people may comment on you.