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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frank the Hippie Pope

The Lutherans get it.  Why can't all of the Catholics?


  1. Yes indeed the church teaches that one cannot be saved by faith alone.
    Why not?
    Because those actions we commit have consequences, and we will be judged by them, because they reveal our inner disposition. Our thoughts are also known to God and they reveal our disposition also.
    We are judged on everything. It is God's decision, NOT a movement of our own will. If we repent on our death bed, having lived a life devoid of good,
    OR if we are a member of a certain non Catholic sect, and we have what they call "baptism of desire" We still have only done only one good thing,
    which was to admit God's mastery over all of us and paid him his due homage,
    but we still have a life of evil to pay for.
    This same will that done so much evil has so little good to show to God,
    and He, holy and true, will judge fairly, and will be most severe.

    Does "baptism of desire" get you to heaven?
    The only way that could work is for the extremely rare person who has lived a totally virtuous life and then topped it all off by joining the church on their death bed, whether or not they received the sacraments.
    But then why would it be said time and time again that water baptism is a necessary sign and a seal to give us the possibility of being numbered among the elect? It is more than a ritual or a symbol, it is a sacrament where spiritual forces are involved.

    Is there such a thing as baptism of desire? We may never know.
    Unless a new Saint Thomas Aquinas rationalises the arguments and proves by logic that it is one way or the other.

    Ps: those protestants obviously notice Francis is a hypocrite, and will be hoping to convert us, but they are not being realistic. No trad in whom traditional Catholicism has sunk will go and be a protestant, instead they will become more Catholic than the "pope".

    You know Laramie that I think that one of the requirements a pope must fulfil in order for him to be the pope is that he must be a Catholic.

  2. hast thou abandoneth thy bl0G Laramiee?


  3. Nah. Just busy with life, mate. That, and other projects outside of the Catholic forums we know and love. But I lurk occasionally. I was thinking of doing a few story reviews of some nifty work I've come across. We'll see about that.