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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cathinfo, Suscipe Domine, Fisheaters: Psychoanalysis

Well, seems that Telesphorus got banned today over at CI.  A good handful of people appreciated that.  Less people seem miffed or shaken.  How a person can go on for so long without realizing how they sound to other people is sometimes beyond me.  But I've met a few folks in life that just never seem to get it.  They just never thought about delivery.

"A man amiable in society shall be more friendly than a brother."  Proverbs 18:24

In any event, this little bonus came in a thread titled: Prove or Disprove - CathInfo represents Typical Trad Catholics.  It's been an enjoyable thread so far.  It was originally started up by the forum owner, Matthew, who wanted to take a public examination of the nature of the CathInfo forum.

My favorite conclusion was from someone quoting Oscar Wilde, and this person goes by the online name of 1st Mansion Tenant:

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."  Oscar Wilde, Critic as Artist 1891.

I enjoy this line.  Although, in the case of the posters on CathInfo, I think it would be more accurate to say: People are least themselves when they talk in their own person.  Give them masks, and they will show you the truth of their hearts.

That, I think, would sum up what we are witnessing on forums and on internet commentary sections.

But there's more self examination going on in the other two forums I lurk at.  Over at Fisheaters, where I really don't post anymore, there is a thread started by the forum owner, Vox Clamantis.  It is titled: The Reputation of Trads.    There's some testimonies there, and some talk about their encounters with other Traditional Catholics.  Harsh Trads are discussed as well.  Someone mentioned how Protestants try to "love bomb" visitors to their churches, and I laughed to myself as I remember the fakery and cliquishness I witnessed when I was still Baptist.

Finally, Suscipe Domine had a thread called What do you perceive as the signs of the times for trads right now?  I posted here, and I offered up the possibility that a lot of Traditional Catholics are acting unreasonable and uncharitable and closed in.  I'm not saying they should take a John Paul II approach and start kissing korans and dance charismatically or anything like that.  Just take a look in the mirror and realize how to talk to people.

The "Mad Trad" phenomenon--though insulting for a lot of us--is real. 

The Devil is also playing with pieces within the "resistance."

This movement is populated with some who desperately want to be relevant, and are blind to how uncharitable they come off.  I'm talking about people who are unable to form or maintain personal relationships on most levels.  These people are bitter and insulting.  You could tell them the sky is blue, and they'll happily insult you, tell you you are going to Hell, and their groupies will surround them and back them up.

What can I compare this to?  It's like watching piranha.  Or an outbreak of zombies.  Or a firing squad formed in a circle.  

The attacks and venomous hatred for a lot of self-righteous Traditional Catholics very much sounds like demonic insults during exorcisms.  

If Traditional Catholicism is to go to the next levels, this issue will have to be addressed collectively at some point in the next few years, or this movement will die.

Not many folks dwelled on what I was getting at there, and that's fine.  Perhaps this trend of understanding will have to become more established for folks to wrap their mind around it.

Trads themselves, I suppose, probably don't see this phenomenon of "The Mad Trad."  However people on the outside, such as the Catholic Answers Forum see it clearly, and they use it to take sarcastic and tasteless pot shots at all Traditionalists, much to the detriment of the Catholic Church.  Modernist Catholics and non-Catholics see the Traditionalists' dirty laundry, and they will judge the entire counter-revolutionary Catholic movement on those fruits. Combating this tarnished image is hard enough.  At this point, not only will the Traditionalist Catholic have to fight the evils of modernism, but he'll have to struggle to dispel the myths created by the fellow layman who lacks social discipline.  

UPDATE: In regards to Oscar Wilde, 1st Mansion Tenant states: "I am no fan of Mr. Wilde."


  1. Hey Laramie nice blog. This is TCat.
    I was banned from CathInfo, so I have to say this. Dont think you are better than the people who were banned, Matthew runs that forum like a girls clique and a few regulars took over the forum. Understand me when I say this -> I joined CathInfo to talk to other Traditional Catholics, and for a while it was going fine, then someone turns on me and asks "Who let TCat out of the insane asylum" and the clique on CathInfo thumbed up that comment 5 times. No one disapproved. I have been getting accusations and insults on CathInfo from people who think they are superior to me, and so I told one of them he was an ignorant git and that the forum was like a ghetto, because it is a ghetto, matthew doesnt want anyone on who is not part of the clique, he expects people to be a certain way (SSPX) when they join, but nobody is able to escape the witchhunt for trolls. He is not serious about building a resistance, if he were, he would have come to my defence and also not banned me. Why did the others not get banned for their insults, this is legalised baiting of posters on CathInfo permitted by matthew.
    I wanted a forum where I can talk and get info from trads, because I am a trad. Now I am not on any forum. I heard he has started banning sedevacantists from his forum too. So where will I go on the web for a forum? Or should there be a new forum set up for dissidents of CathInfo?
    Will you set up your own forum? Because you might get banned soon too.
    Best wishes from the web abyss.

  2. Start my own forum? No way! I don't need that kind of headache, nor do I have that kind of time!

    Chances are that if you've been posting around FE, CI, or SD, then your name is known within this "community."

    This type of cliquishness is endemic to CI for now. But look for this to grow over time, until it becomes an unexpected problem that a lot of Catholics will have to deal with. I'd give this forecast about 10-20 years. Maybe only five years. I dunno.

    The mission below the Cathinfo header states: "A place for SSPX and other Traditional Catholics to discuss matters pertaining to the Catholic Faith." I've always seen these three forums as a place for a Traditional Catholic to go to discuss matters through a Catholic lens--and to hear other people's discussion through a Catholic lens.

    It just so happens that one matter I'm often interested in is the mindset of the other Traditional Catholics. Personality. Mental stability. Things of that nature. I WAS interested in other matters like the financial markets, Judaism, race issues, Catholic mystics, and other things; however, the cacophony from the assholes is so loud that it's really hard to focus on anything else these days.

    I enjoy it. A lot of these folks are less intelligent than one might think. In an argument, they think they win if they come off looking better to their crowd. They cannot bear to be laughed at, but it's too easy because they bring it on themselves.

    As far as Matthew and his mission with Cathinfo, I don't know what he's doin' with it these days. I mean, I've told the moderators during the "Insult Greg Fest," and nothing was done. With your banning, perhaps it implies even more of what you insinuate.

    Off to work. Perhaps more later.

  3. Okay, I thought about it.

    At first, Matthew has Cathinfo listed as: "A place for SSPX and other Traditional Catholics to discuss matters pertaining to the Catholic Faith"

    So, okay. It is "A PLACE." It is not "THE PLACE." If we take it like that, then we can most surely take it as "Matt's place," which is a place that Matthew runs, which is supposedly Catholic and is run any way he wants. So if he wants to allow cliquishness and knee-jerk reactionaries and uncharitable insulting gossips, then that's his prerogative. It's Matt's place.

    But then, at the bottom we see that it reads: "CathInfo is the de-facto headquarters for the Resistance, which it officially supports."

    So, if we now look at this statement, we can deduce that since Cathinfo is a "de-facto headquarters for the Resistance," then Cathinfo must surely set the standard for Catholic conduct. Right? And surely, Matthew will moderate improper conduct in this place, right? And since he does not moderate knee-jerk reactionaries and uncharitable insulters, then that must be the ideal--the standard--for Catholics, because after all, Cathinfo is the "de-facto headquarters." Right?

    So, TCat, my guess is that in order to be more Catholic and join in the fight with the Resistance to save the Catholic Church, you'll need to become more insulting and reactionary.

  4. Pardon me as I troll your blog, or accused of trolling rather...

    This situation finds yourself in a paradox:
    You don't like the behaviour of members of CathInfo, you admit that it is uncharitable and un-Catholic..
    Might you go a step further and embrace the dogmatic sedevacantist position and say that they are "Catholic in name only" or "Cultural Catholics"


    I think that thou art accepted among the members of CathInfo, but not because of being reactionary, after all you set up an entire blog to comment on the posters of a single forum..
    but you are accepted because you play along.

    Since when has playing along and towing the party line been the route to sainthood?
    Is that not what you seek? Do you seek approval from men or do you seek approval from God?

    Have you admitted that the only reason to stick with the Vatican 2 church, or by extension the SSPX who tolerate the "pope"...
    ...Is because they got all the churches and schools and the Vatican and the relics...

    If the conciliar church was a fraction of the size it is now, would you bother throwing in your support to that entity?
    What if the Sedevacantists were greater in number, would you think that it was a numbers game, what if SV had the churches and the Vatican, would you still hold that "Francis 1" was the true pope.

    How outrageous does the hierarchy of the conciliar church have to get for you to admit that they are not Catholic - by reason of they do and preach the opposite of what the faith has always done and preached.

    They contradict each other, and hence conflict is manifest,
    and this conflict will grow more extreme with the two sides drifting further apart, and hence the time will come when there are two "Catholic" churches,

    so which one will you support,
    Don't you want to be right?

    If so,
    Then why talk to the forum of the so called "Resistance",
    who support Francis 1, the leader of the modernist apostacy.

    You cant have it both ways.

    Sincerely TCat
    From the web abyss...

  5. Nah, TCat! You're not trolling! You're just a guy having a dialogue in a comment's section with me. You're welcome here as far as I'm concerned.

    I gotta correct you on one thing. I did not set up this blog to just comment on posters at Cathinfo. I set this blog up a couple of years ago. I thought I'd be using this pseudonym (Laramie Hirsch) a lot for my writing, and so this would be one of many launching platforms for my works. But meh. I've been busy on other projects. Though, I have been thinking of endorsing other friends' works on here.

    I'll tell you what. I'll make a brand spankin' new post dedicated to our discussion. I'll even put your name on it! For fun! I need to update the blog as much as I can, anyway. Here I go.

  6. suscipedomine.com started out good for a very short time.
    Käsekopf is a stressed out radical trad extremist like the moderators.

    Most times SD has nothing tangible to offer to back up claims.
    It's all too shortsighted and too aggressive.

    I was never banned over there but kept lurking in and sometimes still do when I'm in the mood. I miss nothing by not being active on any trad forums.

  7. Hi. Your blog is honest and very interesting g.

  8. Sorry XXXXXXX, you are banned from using this forum!
    Banned for 3 days for continual over-the-top and sensationalistic posting with no provided justification.
    This ban is set to expire November 07, 2015, 01:14:23 AM.

    Catholic doctrine must be "over-the-top and sensationalistic" to Modernist ears.

    1. Sounds like you were banned from Suscipe Domine, Geremia. KK's heavy-handed I'm-banning-you-if-you-don't-agree-with-me-completely nonsense is just par for the course over there.

      I imagine that there is a great deal of conversation that DOES NOT take place over there--due to the fear everyone has of being singled out by KK, moderators, or other suck-up witchhunters. At which point, it isn't really a discussion forum any longer. Just an echo chamber.

  9. poster "Snowball" banned from CathInfo after 4 years for correctly stating that no SSPX or other splinter-group "bishops" are actual BISHOPS of the Roman Catholic Church.