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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sedevacantism: Part 3

Sedevacantism is a schism.  The Chair of Peter is NOT empty.  There have been men with the authority of the Vicar of Christ in the Vatican since 1968.  This is just a new form of division that Satan is enacting in our battered and bloodied Church.

Furthermore, I have a prediction:

Sedevacantism will never ever go away.  It will linger in existence until the return of Jesus Christ.  Further, sedevacantists will grow in their hatred for the True Church as the decades roll by.  The very mention of the Catholic Church will cause instantaneous scoffing, eye rolling, and sneering.

Loyal sedevacantist followers will never be satisfied.  There will never be anyone arising from anywhere to do anything they want.  Ever.  If the pope is fake, and if the cardinals are wrong, and the bishops are corrupt, then just where is a legitimate pope supposed to arise from?

Another prediction: sedevacantism will grow in its members.  You can look forward to many societies, clubs, conferences, and publications.  The Devil likes to have as many opposition groups against the Universal Church of God as possible.  There will be people who convert directly into sedevacantism without ever having sworn any kind of fealty to the Mother Church.  This is because the idea of being in opposition to the big bad loony popes of old will be an attractive prospect, courtesy of our anti-Christian media.

In a hundred years or more--if the world lasts that long--sedevacantists will still be around enjoying the same status as Eastern Orthodox.  Meanwhile, the real news will be what is happening in the Catholic Church that the sedes departed from.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sedevacantism: Part 2

This evening, I heard something insightful.

When Christ was on Earth in his final mortal hours, if one had seen Him getting beaten, mocked, and dangling from a Roman cross, there'd be the impression that Jesus was a pathetic, withered, earthly man in the middle of a horrible episode of suffering at the end of his mortal life.  He did not appear to be God. And most in the crowd did not acknowledge that this was God on Earth.  Christ did not look like God on Earth in those moments.  So people went forward with mocking him, asking for his suffering and death, jeering and shouting.

Now we see the Church is in the same situation.  She is bloodied.  She is suffering.  People mock Her and ask for Her suffering and death.  The faithless jeer and ridicule the Church.  People do not recognize the Church as God's Institution on Earth.  And so, we have a large set of people who are missing the point entirely.

Christ wanted His followers near Him in those horrible final hours.  Yet, they were not there with Him.

How many times have you said to yourself: "If I could go back in time, I would have been with Jesus until the bitter end."

Well, now the Holy Spirit desires our presence with the Catholic Church of God in these horrible (and possibly final) hours.  Shall it be that here, too, God will be abandoned once again?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sedevacantists: a conversation with TCat

I can understand and appreciate sedevacantists (sedes).  They are disillusioned with the madness going on in the Church, and they feel compelled to move somewhere else.  I can totally identify with that, since I was disillusioned with Southern Baptist Land, and I felt compelled to join the Church.  So, at least we have that in common.

TCat asked me this:

"Have you admitted that the only reason to stick with the Vatican 2 church, or by extension the SSPX who tolerate the "pope" ... is because they got all the churches and schools and the Vatican and the relics?"

My answer is no.

My conversion from being a Baptist to the Catholic Church is because there was no substantive legality and nothing solid in being a Baptist.  The only thing Baptists had was a torn up Bible they smuggled away from the Catholics.  It is hilarious how a Baptist acts like such a lawyer when it comes to Scriptures.  They can quote you chapter and verse to prove their points.  I know this, because that's what I used to do.

But there were many questions, such as "Is it true that once you're saved, you're always saved?" and "What about those verses in the Old Testament about praying for the dead?"  Another question that popped up in my mind a lot was "What was the Church like after Acts, and what happened to that movement?"  And, of course, there was "Where did we get our Bible from?"

It was a long and mostly solitary road getting to the Church.  I'm ever grateful to my sponsor for introducing me to the Universal Church of God.  I truly feel like the Holy Spirit led me here.  In the same way birds can somehow magnetically migrate around the world...that's how I felt led to the Eucharist.

And as a Catholic, I believe in apostolic succession.  And since I believe in apostolic succession, I believe that a man can become a priest, turn into a bad man, but still be a priest.  A man can become ordained as a priest, commit great sins, and still have the authority to perform the sacraments.  And even if that man were to die and go to Hell, he will still remain a priest forever--in Hell.

This goes for priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes.  There's been plenty of bad popes.  Pope John XV divided up the Church's funds among his family members, Urban VI was irrationally violent toward his enemies, and let's not forget good ol' Alexander VI who had at least one son, likely slept with his own daughter, and had near-orgiastic parties.  Yet, these men were popes.

So, I do not think that just because there's bad men in the Peterine Office means that the Office doesn't exist.  It's just an office with not-so-good people in it.

Another question from TCat:

"If the conciliar church was a fraction of the size it is now, would you bother throwing in your support to that entity?"

I would throw in my support to the authority of that entity.   I support the office of the US presidency, but I hardly ever like the man in that office.  Perhaps that is a good comparison?

Next question:

"What if the Sedevacantists were greater in number, would you think that it was a numbers game?  What if SV had the churches and the Vatican, would you still hold that "Francis I" was the true pope?"

Yes.  Apostolic succession is a big deal breaker.  The guy was chosen as the Vicar of Christ at Conclave.  He is the substitute teacher for Christ--albeit, a "messy" one, as Voris likes to tastelessly joke.

Another question:

"How outrageous does the hierarchy of the conciliar church have to get for you to admit that they are not Catholic - by reason of they do and preach the opposite of what the faith has always done and preached?"

Excellent question.  I do not know.

Since I respect the apostolic succession, I suppose I'd be kneeling and kissing the ring of a child-molesting cardinal if it came down to it.  A horrible thought, I suppose.

But I've read many stories of saints.  I remember reading the story of a saintly nun (forgot her name) who agreed with Heaven to suffer the pains of Hell in place of another nun who was actually sent there.  The hero nun suffered hellish torments for a few years, and because of that sacrifice, the damned nun was allowed to avoid perdition.  This same saintly nun suffered many humiliating and cruel policies from her superior.  Yet, she always obeyed her superior in spite of this unjust treatment.  Christ was pleased at this.  We are to obey authority, particularly if it is from the Church.

I'll wrap it up with this question:

"Why talk to the forum of the so called 'Resistance' who supports Francis I, the leader of the modernist apostacy?"

I talk to whoever.  I have no problem talking to people I disagree with.  It's even better if this disagreement is out in the open and understood between them, me, and anyone else reading our conversation.

If someone is in error, it's best to try to help them correct the error.  Kicking dirt into their eyes doesn't seem like the best policy.  At least at this point in history.

Also, although the transsexual scandal at FE has given me pause, I might say something to someone over there every now and then.  But honestly, I don't feel compelled to be too social there, and I'm trying to take a break from Cathinfo as well.

But I'm not out to identify with the collective mind of a particular forum.  When I started participating on forums in the beginning, it was just to meet other Traditional Catholics and learn.  I don't identify with FE, CI, or SD.  I identify with Christ and the Church that carries His Authority.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cathinfo, Suscipe Domine, Fisheaters: Psychoanalysis

Well, seems that Telesphorus got banned today over at CI.  A good handful of people appreciated that.  Less people seem miffed or shaken.  How a person can go on for so long without realizing how they sound to other people is sometimes beyond me.  But I've met a few folks in life that just never seem to get it.  They just never thought about delivery.

"A man amiable in society shall be more friendly than a brother."  Proverbs 18:24

In any event, this little bonus came in a thread titled: Prove or Disprove - CathInfo represents Typical Trad Catholics.  It's been an enjoyable thread so far.  It was originally started up by the forum owner, Matthew, who wanted to take a public examination of the nature of the CathInfo forum.

My favorite conclusion was from someone quoting Oscar Wilde, and this person goes by the online name of 1st Mansion Tenant:

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."  Oscar Wilde, Critic as Artist 1891.

I enjoy this line.  Although, in the case of the posters on CathInfo, I think it would be more accurate to say: People are least themselves when they talk in their own person.  Give them masks, and they will show you the truth of their hearts.

That, I think, would sum up what we are witnessing on forums and on internet commentary sections.

But there's more self examination going on in the other two forums I lurk at.  Over at Fisheaters, where I really don't post anymore, there is a thread started by the forum owner, Vox Clamantis.  It is titled: The Reputation of Trads.    There's some testimonies there, and some talk about their encounters with other Traditional Catholics.  Harsh Trads are discussed as well.  Someone mentioned how Protestants try to "love bomb" visitors to their churches, and I laughed to myself as I remember the fakery and cliquishness I witnessed when I was still Baptist.

Finally, Suscipe Domine had a thread called What do you perceive as the signs of the times for trads right now?  I posted here, and I offered up the possibility that a lot of Traditional Catholics are acting unreasonable and uncharitable and closed in.  I'm not saying they should take a John Paul II approach and start kissing korans and dance charismatically or anything like that.  Just take a look in the mirror and realize how to talk to people.

The "Mad Trad" phenomenon--though insulting for a lot of us--is real. 

The Devil is also playing with pieces within the "resistance."

This movement is populated with some who desperately want to be relevant, and are blind to how uncharitable they come off.  I'm talking about people who are unable to form or maintain personal relationships on most levels.  These people are bitter and insulting.  You could tell them the sky is blue, and they'll happily insult you, tell you you are going to Hell, and their groupies will surround them and back them up.

What can I compare this to?  It's like watching piranha.  Or an outbreak of zombies.  Or a firing squad formed in a circle.  

The attacks and venomous hatred for a lot of self-righteous Traditional Catholics very much sounds like demonic insults during exorcisms.  

If Traditional Catholicism is to go to the next levels, this issue will have to be addressed collectively at some point in the next few years, or this movement will die.

Not many folks dwelled on what I was getting at there, and that's fine.  Perhaps this trend of understanding will have to become more established for folks to wrap their mind around it.

Trads themselves, I suppose, probably don't see this phenomenon of "The Mad Trad."  However people on the outside, such as the Catholic Answers Forum see it clearly, and they use it to take sarcastic and tasteless pot shots at all Traditionalists, much to the detriment of the Catholic Church.  Modernist Catholics and non-Catholics see the Traditionalists' dirty laundry, and they will judge the entire counter-revolutionary Catholic movement on those fruits. Combating this tarnished image is hard enough.  At this point, not only will the Traditionalist Catholic have to fight the evils of modernism, but he'll have to struggle to dispel the myths created by the fellow layman who lacks social discipline.  

UPDATE: In regards to Oscar Wilde, 1st Mansion Tenant states: "I am no fan of Mr. Wilde."