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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My presence at Fisheaters and Cathinfo

Wow.  That's an end, I suppose.  I've decided to restrain much, if not all participation on Cathinfo.com.  Or at least, that is what I said to myself tonight.  I said bye to my opponents and will hopefully be able to refrain from saying anything further, leaving them with the last word, whatever that shall be.

I have not posted on Fisheaters since June, when a matter about accepting a transsexual drove most everyone off the forum.  I'm not sure I feel comfortable posting there ever again, either.  Seems they have a lot of new people there these days, and it still seems to remain a sort of pseudo-gay-friendly "wink, wink, nod, nod" Catholic forum.

But at Cathinfo, what happened?  Basically, I was defending an online colleague named ggreg against character assassinations.  I was told by most folks that I was blind and could not see how evil ggreg was.  Then, today, it was revealed that someone--most likely a poster on Cathinfo--got the bright idea of hacking into his LinkedIn account and posting some of ggreg's most incendiary opinions.  This was an attack on ggreg's livelihood.  Yet, there was not a flinch from the angry "internet mob," and potent attacks continued in the thread.

To me, the situation reeked of hypocrisy.   Greg's humor is salty, but I don't think he deserved the treatment he's received at Cathinfo.

Anyway, I've thrown in the towel there.  I'm not sure I could happily post there anymore, as it's been made clear that I'm out of touch there and am not welcome.

Unlike Vox Day, who managed to hang around in the SFWA until he was unfairly booted out, I see no purpose for maintaining a presence with the posters of Cathinfo.

In fairness to the Cathinfo moderator, Matthew, I've usually considered him to do a bang-up job, and I've often enjoyed his posts.  He seems a likeable guy and worthy of knowing in real life.

In this 5-year experience on forums, I have only witnessed trends within the Catholic Traditional Movement.  But I haven't made any solid connections with any of these forum participants.  I've learned a few interesting tangents of Catholic history and absorbed some annotative trivia.

I'm unsure if I will continue with forum participation.


  1. I guess I'll leave a hyperlink to the deciding thread here, in case I or others should want to refer to it later.


  2. I feel sorry for any inquirer into traditional Catholicism who happens to find Matthew's Asylum (Cathinfo). Never has there been a larger collection of angry, uncharitable and certifiable cranks. What's sadder is that the ring leader allows and at times encourages such behavior.

    You are best to leave that place alone.

  3. I think that the moderator of that forum has a good heart, and he doesn't want to stifle conversation, no matter how contentious. But enough is enough. Destroying a person's good name is objectively a serious sin, and shouldn't be tolerated.

  4. The fact that he has let somebody like Tele post 10,000+ posts there makes me question his good judgement, to be as charitable as possible.

  5. I agree that there are a lot of unstable personalities there, which keeps me away. Too many ad hominem attacks on people, and too much paranoia combined with conspiracy theories.

  6. Telesphorus isn't the problem, ggreg posted heresy against the Gospels.

    The commenters above are right about one thing: CI is an uncharitable forum.

  7. "Telesphorus isn't the problem..."

    No one claimed he was. His mental stability can be another conversation, at another time, and probably somewhere else.

  8. But apparently Tele was A problem. The lad has now been banned.

  9. I like ggreg on fisheaters. I agreed with him wholeheartedly on any pro-homosexual thread that just keep popping up. Vox Clamantis just loves her pet SSA posters. Any comments about how disordered (and what exactly that means-hint not a good thing) homosexuality is she pounces. She argues that two gay dudes cuddling isn't bad and or always sexual. Yeah that's like a straight guy and chick cuddling. Even if they aren't especially attracted to eachother c'mon it can lead to sex. She is pro-gay but won't admit it. As though everything sodomite is ok as long as it's not the very act, anything leading up to it and or after it is ok. Fisheaters has joined the darkside where anything posted about how messed up homosexuality in itself is you are banned or jumped on by the gay mob on there.

    1. Yes, Anonymous. I have to agree with you completely. It does seem as if the forum owner gives a wink and a nod to SSA people.

      My latest major encounter was ridiculous. It was in a thread about "The New Homophiles." I posted my usual support for Thomas Aquinas' statement that effeminate behavior is a vice. By the end of my part in that thread, things were turning in such a way that I was trying to defend the very definition of effeminate. Vox Clamantis did not like the definition of effeminate behavior in that thread, and so the conversation went in a ridiculous direction that I lost interest in quickly.

      I simply do not have the time to argue in circles with people, much to the consternation of my opponents.

      I believe that the homosexual issue has caused most normal people to leave Fisheaters. This is a shame, because at one time (from my perspective), Fisheaters was a sort of a Mecca where all different kinds of Traditional Catholics congregatged--from SSPX and even sedevacantists, to regular FSSP Catholics and those who hesitantly attended the Novus Ordo Mass.

      I suppose the break up that we witness in Fisheaters and in other places is a result of people becoming polarized towards the wrong causes. Either people become too left wing, or they veer to be too right wing.

      Yeah, I also agree that ggreg is great. He's always been a great poster to read. His advice on life is always sage advice.