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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strange Noises Worldwide, From Kiev to Conklin

And now, we examine the cultural phenomenon of viral video on the internet.  No doubt, in the middle of this month (January) the internet has been buzzing with a frenzy of videos, purportedly from around the world.  Each video seems to feature a strange reverberating noise from the sky that sounds like something coming from our magnetosphere.  Or perhaps it is the noise of some rare tectonic movement?

My friends at first thought the sound was the fabled sounds of scram jets.  Various news agencies have even picked up on this noise, reporting on the YouTube video phenomenon and declaring that someone is going to get to the bottom of this, once and for all.  I've heard forums and blogs state that this noise if the result of HAARP, Project Bluebeam, and Project Cloverleaf.

I do not buy it.  The noise is too theatrical.  When I first heard it, I immediately thought of the alien vehicles from the Steven Spielberg version of "War of the Worlds."  Perhaps the sound was altered somehow.  But that is how it sounded to me.  And, for a while, I even considered the noise to be some sort of a viral marketing campaign.

But this evening, I take my hat off to SkyQuakes2012 for pointing out obvious similarities between the videos.  Many bloggers will try to explain how you can hear the noises of a bird or two in each video, but SkyQuakes2012 wraps it up nicely in a well-edited demonstration of each video's similarity.

It was fun to consider that perhaps something monumental and ominous was happening across the globe.  I think that with the international and economic conditions that have been hitting the population, we all would like to see some sort of a drastic change occur, even if it is cataclysmic.  However, these "trumpets from the sky" will not prove to be the Ragnarok we wait for.

I imagine that 2012 could be filled with apocalyptic fever, what with the Mayan Calendar hype that transpired for the last two years.  And to think, we aren't even out of January yet.

But it just goes to show how effective the internet can be at spreading a tale.  I wonder how soon it will be before we hear about this phenomenon on either Coast to Coast AM, or even the Alex Jones Show.  


  1. My prediction for 2012: Nothing happens and there's a new American presidential election whereafter, nothing new happens.

  2. Hi Laramie. You have attributed the video and analysis to YouTube's "SkyQuakes", but it was "V00D00SIXXX" in the video who did all the work. SkyQuakes was just passing it on from his channel. You'll notice that he refers you to the right guy in a reply. You might want to edit, so as to include the author of the work. I was very pleased with his analysis too.

    Guess what?! It was blasted across the world on Coast to Coast AM two days before you posted this entry. Their guest, Linda Moulton Howe, was interesting ...but probably scared the bee-gees out of many people with the Kiev sounds. Hopefully, others will go on to become enlightened with the truth like we have. :)

    Unfortunately, Linda really plays up the religious side of things on her website (biblical quotes, etc). I fear this will fuel the fire of those eagerly pushing for Rapture, or terrify the mentally ill and weak-minded. Those with agendas will eat this up and potentially produce their own videos. Ugh. If we're interested, we'll have to weed through things much like UFO evidence.

    Like you, I noticed how theatrical or "perfect" the Kiev video sound seemed. Though the video is boring. Other people were oblivious and the hoaxer never moved from the same spot. Nobody runs out of their apartment, kids play uninterrupted, people walk and talk with ease ...even a woman with a stroller strolls by (couldn't resist) and she looks bored, but looks up when passing the apartment because she's noticed the videographer and possibly hears the load sounds (if live). No interaction occurs. The local news report could not find one other witness. Nobody heard anything that day. So, yeah. Maybe a hoax with fake witnesses would have helped, but it leaves you more vulnerable to discovery (loose lips). They probably didn't count on that film project's sound to be discovered. Bwahahaaa!!!

    Anyway, I hope many people spread the word of this hoax. The seemingly "organic" events that have multiple witnesses should be looked at with fairness (e.g. North Battleford). Something is occurring, though it may be nothing more than electro-magnetic interference (CME's from the sun) or it could be something more involved like HAARP and the other things you mentioned. Since this is a hot topic, people are listening more closely to the world around them than they normally would. Some sounds could be late night construction, subway or mechanical work, and ice plows. Check ya later. Thanks!