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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Reprieve for Rabbits

There have been no posts for over two weeks now, due to the fact I was wrapping up a critical part of an ongoing project that has spanned an entire year. 

Yes, for some reason, ol' Laramie had it in him to build a nice shady rabbit hutch to go with his chickens.  Nothing waters the mouth like the thought of a delicious stew, filled with celery, potatoes, a bit of onion perhaps, and some rabbit meat.  And since it is legal in our fair town to raise these precious nuggets in our backyard, I shall partake of the opportunity to raise myself some food.

In any event, here is the finished roof of the glorious rabbit hutch.  Admire its beauty, as it glistens in the sun next to the chicken yard.  Don't they just go together?

As of yet, I still have to fashion the individual cells for the rabbits.  But that should be a cakewalk, now that I have the basic structure and roof established.  Also, I'm gonna need to add some gussets to hold up those corners, as they stick out two feet.  Perhaps next week I can add those.

  It's been a long project, but I feel it wrapping up in the next month or two.