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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spiderman: An African-American/Latino Gay Boy

Yup.  Seems that after Marvel had Spiderman meet with President Obama, they decided to REALLY "get with the times," kill off Peter Parker, and replace him with a Latino/African-American boy who's gay.

I'm absolutely thrilled about the development. 

At last, the masses will truly be represented in this conglomeration of what Marvel thinks American society is becoming. 

I'm so glad they're doing away with a character that has traditionally been cherished among comic fans for most of my life. 

I am sure the first issues will fly off the shelves, due to the novelty of the situation.  After that, though, I am not so sure sales will do too well. 

I wonder if this represents a shift in the comic book world, in which we can see another large corporation losing touch with its base of customers.  Time will tell, I suppose.

I remember back in the day (was it in the 90s?) when DC was trying to capitalize off of Superman.  Dad and I, we must've bought over two dozen copies of that issue: The Death of Superman.  We were so sure it'd be a collectible comic.  I mean, it was Superman.  But with this kind of a twist, something tells me that Dad and I would be investing our money into something else. 

* UPDATE: Seems that the rumor of Spiderman being gay is being denied by Marvel.  A lot of people are pouncing on the Daily Mail for taking the words of Ultimate Spider-Man artist Sara Pichelli out of context.  She reported that "maybe sooner or later a black or gay - or both - hero will be considered something absolutely normal." 

Sara, I say that if you people want to have new ethnicities and sexualities represented with comic book "heroes," why not invent new heroes, instead of transforming the figures that fans already love?

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