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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beginning of The Hirsch Files

Tonight, we kick off the start of the brand new Hirsch Files, with the announcement of the first of many books, Road to Moloch

While my primary literary interests involve fantasy, it seemed appropriate to begin by grounding my first book in reality.  What is more fantastic than the carnival of variety we see in today's people?  Road to Moloch is an early work from an early period of my life.  Also, it is based partially on true events.  So there's a double bonus to reading the work: Not only can one enjoy a good yarn, but they might even be able to catch a glimpse or two of some of the things that have passed through Laramie's eye sockets. 

However, I want to assure readers that the attitudes and opinions of the protagonist are not shared by the author.  One is allowed to write about a bigot without being a bigot, is he not?

The protagonist, Samson, goes through a lot on his trip to New York.  He meets plenty of people along the way to spin him in more circles than he thought possible.  As the belly of Moloch (a.k.a. New York City) begins to digest the little soul, I often wonder if the reader will experience a touch of schadenfreude when they see the boy trip over himself. 

Fun for everyone--except the kids.  There's plenty of cussing in this one.  Seems Samson never understood the word "tact."

My special thanks goes out to E.S. Hammer, whose vast imagination conceived the fierce book cover.  My gratitude goes out to "Lady K," whose technical know-how was able to bring me to this point with my writing, thank you so very much for working with me, Lady K.  Finally, I would be nowhere without the encouragement and guidance from my mentor, whose name I do not yet know if I have the permission to print here.  Thank you everyone.

And if you would like to purchase a digital copy of The Road to Moloch for your Kindle, simply follow the Amazon link here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Road-to-Moloch-ebook/dp/B005ELOXEO/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1   

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